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申请研究生院 at 电子游戏平台 University 而且 take the first step toward exp而且ing your career opportunities.

Your decision to apply for graduate school shows your dedication to your success. 在电子游戏平台, we have 23 graduate programs tailored to launch or advance your career in business, 技术, 卫生与城市教育. 电子游戏官网还提供 专业发展课程 而且 毕业证书

Pursue your graduate degree online through Online+ from the 电子游戏平台 University 全球校园 或者去电子游戏官网的 8密歇根大学. 缓解财务障碍, 电子游戏官网会帮你申请助学金, including graduate school scholarships 而且 grants for graduate school.

After exploring this page, we hope you’ll apply for graduate school at 电子游戏平台 University. If you have questions, 电子游戏平台’s graduate admissions team is ready to answer them at info@电子游戏平台.edu or 800.686.1600.

听一个校友的故事:Mia Johnson MBA, 22岁

Mia Johnson thought earning a graduate degree was out of her reach. Through a partnership between her employer 而且 电子游戏平台, she soon realized that she could do it all. 她唯一的遗憾是没有早点做这件事. Take the next step in your career 而且 apply for graduate school at 电子游戏平台. Take classes on campus or Online+ through the 电子游戏平台 University 全球校园, with flexible schedules 而且 professors who will take your learning to the next level.

了解电子游戏平台关于米亚的经验 电子游戏平台.edu/mia.



电子游戏平台 was the first online learning community in Michigan, 而且 we’ve been perfecting online learning ever since. Now, 12 graduate programs are offered Online+ through the 电子游戏平台 University 全球校园. Plus, in-person classes are offered during the day or evenings on our 8密歇根大学. 无论你选择哪条路, your courses will be career-centered 而且 taught by 电子游戏平台’s highly credentialed faculty who will also become your mentors. You’ll graduate with the deeper knowledge 而且 h而且s-on skills to excel in your field.



When you apply for graduate school, you naturally have questions like, “How will I afford my degree?“在电子游戏平台, more than 95% of students receive financial aid, 包括研究生院的经济援助. Once you’ve gone through graduate admissions 而且 been accepted to 电子游戏平台, a designated financial aid specialist will work to help you secure financial aid, including more than 250 foundational scholarships, including graduate school scholarships 而且 grants for graduate school.


Earn a graduate degree with value in the real world

You can count on your 电子游戏平台 degree having value in the real world. 电子游戏平台 University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission after meeting its stringent st而且ards. Our colleges of business, health professions 而且 技术 also hold accreditations 而且 approvals. 在某些职业, 比如医疗保健, an accredited degree can open more doors to career opportunities because it meets role-specific requirements.

Fund your degree with financial aid, like 95% of our students
Earn a degree 100% online via 电子游戏平台 University 全球校园
Advance your career fast with any of our 15+ 毕业证书




电子游戏平台 is committed to ensuring all students feel welcomed 而且 valued. We’re proud to have earned INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine’s Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award 8 times.

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Remove obstacles with financial aid for graduate school

电子游戏平台, we strive to remove financial barriers to your education by connecting you with financial aid that can include graduate school scholarships 而且 grants for graduate school.





尊重你的时间和努力, 电子游戏平台 ensures our graduate programs minimize classwork that doesn’t support your career success. It’s one reason why 95% of our alumni recommend us.





电子游戏平台 professors will enrich your education with their experience 而且 accomplishments. They’re noted researchers, practitioners, leaders, national presenters 而且 peer reviewers.





Polish or add skills to advance your career with 电子游戏平台’s 毕业证书 or take professional development short courses 而且 series through our Institute of Professional Excellence. 

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电子游戏平台 will offer you support well after you graduate. 接受终身职业服务, 包括职业培训, 简历帮助, personalized online job searches 而且 employer connections.